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|| If you are Facing any Issues in registration of PMKVY training center, Please Call: 089860-54337   Process of Affiliation PMKVY Training Centre Registration PMKVY Franchise | Register for PMKVY training center Bivha Corporation |Bivha Career Development center invites applications for establishment of “Training center” for various skill development projects…

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Bivha Open School curriculum is accredited & recognized by Ministry of HRD (Govt of India) ,DDE,IGNOU &  various authorities of India. Bar Council of India Bivha Law College‘s BA LLB (Integrated) follows guidelines which is driven by  the Bar Council of India. The Bar Council of India is a statutory…

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Helpful Article| Looking for Franchise of Government Projects or, Interested to work for NSDC-Star Project, PMEGE, Skill Development Program from SBI, Rural Skill development projects from various agencies. Bivha CDC invites application from Individual, Computer Institute, School, and College to work with us on projects that are funded by Govt…

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