Bivha Open School

How do we teach @BOS?


Under Bivha OS, students are provided with Study Material, Personal Contact Programme for select programmes and various Online Resources to facilitate, rather make easy, student learning.

Faculty members constantly strive to deliver their best to the students, in the time constraint that the Distance Education Programmes have.

An innovative pedagogy is developed & designed specifically for every course of Distance Education to help students develop analytical, application, presentation and communication skills, and to involve the students in the courses, so that they spend the required time on the courses, not as a matter of compulsion, but due to the generated interest.

Bivha Connect allows flexible learning and provides easy access to education. With its emphasis on quality education through Distance Education mode, which is considered to be the second choice of students, the University strives to transform the face of Distance Education in India and abroad.

Personal Contact Programme (PCP) at Study Center
Personal Contact Programme at Main Campus, Extension center’s Campus located in Bihar,West-Bengal,Odisha,Karnataka,Nagaland,Gujarat, Phagwara, Punjab, are conducted for certain courses that provide the students an opportunity for conceptual understanding of the courses and also for interacting and learning from other students.

Here both admission and class room program are conduct. Right now admission are going on for 10 th ,12th and undergraduate program.

Self Learning Material (Study Material)
Study material available in Self Learning format, is one of the best features of Bivha Open School Distance Education. Generally, in Distance Education mode, students are physically at distance from their teachers/ mentors. Hence the study material meant for them is required to play ‘teacher-function’ also in addition to providing knowledge and information. The study material developed by Bivha Open School¬† is self-explanatory, self-contained, self-directed, self-motivating, self-evaluating, and hence is called Self-learning Material (SLM). For senior and Senior secondary Program study material are prepared with help of various boards, universities such as IGNOU,NIOS, Bihar Open Board, CBSE, ICSE and Few international Boards.

SLMs for various courses are provided to the learners and that is through Bivha Connect (Online Learning Management System) and Our Partner’s website¬† permitting students to study wherever they want and to ip through the pages of the virtual study material on their computers,laptops, Tablets, i-pads, i-phones etc.

With help of various tools in SLM like Caution, Notes, Tasks, Did you know?, Pictures, Graphics, Exercises, Case Studies, Examples, etc., students find it easy to learn on their own.

Self Assessment Questions and Review Questions in SLM enable students to gauge their learning on the topics covered in the unit and to keep them active throughout the learning process.

Other features like Summary, Keywords, Glossary and Further Reading make the SLM comprehensive and stimulating for the students enabling them to understand better.