Bivha Open School

About Bivha OS

Bivha Open School :Also known as Bivha OS
The school is accredited by the various national & international authorities such as Ignou , Bihar School Examination Board, Bivha Open School Examination Board, Karnataka Open School, Bihar School Examination Board ,Karnataka State Open School, CBSE*,IGCSE**,IB**,Nepal Board of Higher Education Nepal, Bhutan Board of Higher Education Bhutan, Bihar Madarsa Board ,Bihar Sanskrit Board ,UP State Examination Board ,
Chhattisgarh Open School, Punjab Board of Secondary Education, National Institute of open schooling (Govt. of India). It is the largest open school system in the world. Self instructional material provided by the school, gives the learner an opportunity to complete his formal education at his own pace, time and place. The candidate is fully eligible to pursue his higher studies and participate in various competitive examinations on successful completion of the course.

Bivha Open School-BOS is established with the Vision to provide an open and distance education system which would develop the road for an educated, value-oriented and dynamic global society.

Institutes of Bivha International School Society

  • Bivha College
  • Bivha Play School
  • Bivha Primary School
  • Bivha International School Of yoga
  • Bivha Military School
  • Bivha Centre of Health Care
  • Bivha Institute of Foreign and Indian Languages
  • Bivha Institute of Teacher Education
  • Bivha International School
  • Bivha Open School
  • Bivha Law School
  • Bivha Institute of Business Management
  • Bivha Institute of Computer Studies and Research
  • Bivha Centre for Management Studies
  • Bivha Institute of Management Studies
  • Bivha Centre for Management and Human Resource Development
  • Bivha Institute of Telecom Management
  • Bivha Centre for Information Technology
  • Bivha Institute of Health Sciences
  • Bivha English Language Teaching Institute
  • Bivha College of Nursing
  • Bivha Skill School
  • Bivha Career Development Centre